2018-2019 Duck Season

Nov. 17 - Nov. 25

Dec. 6 - Dec. 23

Dec. 26 - Jan. 27


*No Reservations are made until 50% Deposit has been received.





    We hunt approximately 1000 acres giving us the best opportunity for a successful hunt any time of the season. We also offer an array of blinds  strategically placed throughout our locations. We hunt layout blinds, pit blinds, skid blinds, bunker blinds, and we even have permanent blinds set up in treelines.

    Having so many options  and our small party hunting groups, gives us optimal results in duck and goose hunting. Be sure to check out what all we offer, and don't forget to check out the photo album!

Want to know more? Give Graham or Brittney a call! We look forward to serving you!



Not sure it gets any better! Fatty and Doug having a good time here at Crooked Creek!  -Thanks for not burning down the club guys! :)

Have you sent in your hunting pictures from last season? Send them in and we will get them on the site!!